Why you should book your newborn session early

There are a million things to think of before your new baby arrives and as a mother of four kiddos, I understand this all too well! Something that can be overlooked though is booking your newborn session. I know that with all the excitement of a new baby on the way, you can easily forget to book your session and that is why I am here to help with the process.

So when should you book your newborn session? The simple answer is while you’re still pregnant, and ideally your second trimester. I know this may seem way too early, but it really isn’t. Booking your session early ensures that you get the newborn photographer you have had your eye on for your baby’s photos.

Most newborn photographers only take on a specific number of newborns per month and because babies are on their own schedule and there is always the possibility that all of the babies decide to come at the same time. I myself, want to make sure that I can provide the best service possible to all of my clients and I cannot do that if I take on too many newborns. For that reason, if you wait until after baby is born, the photographer you were hoping for may not be able to take you once your baby has arrived. Booking early ensures you have a spot secured with your chosen photographer.  Lots of newborn photographers book up weeks or even months in advance, so once you’re home with you new little bundle, you may contact the photographer you love only to find out they have no availability. 

Another good reason to book your newborn session early is that babies are only super sleepy and willing to pose in those adorable poses for so long. This is usually in the first 14 days. Some babies will still be in a deep sleep and willing to pose at 2,  3 or even 4 weeks, but the chances of that are much less likely.  Trying to find a photographer whom you love and who is available in that short time frame can be extremely difficult.

I hope you found this information helpful and I am here to assist you with any questions you might have about booking your due date for a newborn session.