What should I wear?

I’m glad you asked that! It is very important that you wear something you feel good in! You aren’t going to have fun or get the photos that you have pictured in your heart if you don’t feel like yourself.  Wear something that makes you feel confident.  Something that will make you want to keep looking at your photos for years to come.

You can click here for more information and suggestions!

What are your prices?

Price is one of the top questions people ask me. I believe that choosing a photographer based on the price alone can lead to disappointment.  My prices are all inclusive, which allow adequate time for retouching your photos, as well as leaving proper time for planning beforehand. I pour my heart into each session and create memories with every family that I work for.  You can see my full pricing by contacting me.

Do you offer digital images?

Yes!  They will come as high resolution downloads from your online gallery.   If you would prefer a USB drive, I am happy to send you one for an additional fee.

What if my child falls and gets a bump, bruise, scratch?

Please don’t cancel due to these minor injuries. Most can be edited out.

Can I bring props with to my shoot?

Yes. Bring anything that you feel is important to enhance your photos. Some suggestions include: family heirloom or sentimental item, pets, stuffed animals, sports equipment, hats, special baby blanket, etc.

We have some ideas of our own. Can we try them?

You bet!


How far do you book out?

This really depends on the time of year. It can be weeks or even months out, especially on weekends. I only book one weekend a month in the summer since the sun is out so late and weeknights work best for my family. If you need a weekend, these typically book up months in advance. Newborns should be booked in your second trimester, but feel free to contact me earlier. Spots do occasionally open up, so feel free to contact me last minute too. I will try my best to work you in the schedule, but there are no guarantees.

We need to reschedule, what’s your policy?

Your $100 deposit is transferrable to another date, but non-refundable if cancelled altogether. Please re-schedule if you or your child is ill.

What happens if it rains?

Weather is hard to predict (especially in MN!) and if necessary we will reschedule you to another day. Most times there are breaks in the rain which we will be able to work around. Just because it’s not sunny outside, doesn’t mean you won’t get beautiful pictures. Overcast days are actually great for lighting! You can also embrace the rain and get creative by bringing umbrellas, rain boots, etc.

When can I preview my pictures?

It takes about 1-2 weeks to get through my queue and finish selecting and editing your photos. You will receive your own private veiwing gallery and password.

Will you touch up my photos?

Yes, I do professional retouching on blemishes, dark under eyes, etc. Other than small blemishes and smoothing of certain skin areas, it is your responsibility to tell me what you want and do not want removed, lessened or retouched.


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