As a mom to four children, I very well understand that the first year sure goes the fastest!  Milestone sessions are a great way to document these quickly passing times so that we can look back on them for years to come.


3 monthsWith ample head strength, belly push ups & responsive smiles, this is a special time to photograph.
6 monthsThey handle tummy time like a pro and are sitting unsupported; this milestone opens up several new poses.
9 monthsNormally one of the most smiley times, they sit, they crawl, and stand with assistance.
12 monthsThe big ONE!  If opting out of a cake smash session, this is a perfect time to capture the one year mark!
18 monthsFull of energy and personality, this is a great age to document!
Yearly BirthdaysEach year is a new opportunity to capture sweet fleeting moments!


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