Leo | Styled Newborn Session

This little guy was such a dream to photograph!  He was 8 days new when I got to meet him and I’m so glad I did because he is just amazing!  Leo’s big brother loves to give him smooches and I can tell they are going to be the best of friends one day!  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from this fun styled newborn session!

Fresh 48 FAQ | Twin Cities Newborn Photographer


When Should I Schedule My Fresh 48 Session?
Scheduling is suggested as soon as you know you want one. I suggest 3-4 months prior to your due date to ensure availability. I typically only accept a few of these sessions per month.

When and Where Will it Take Place?
The session will take place at the place of delivery (hospital, home, or birthing center) They are scheduled within the first 48 hours after delivery during daylight hours.

What do you think makes Fresh 48 so special?
Fresh 48 is special because there are very few (if any) things more raw, important and emotional in life than having a baby.  For a lot of moms and parents the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because of all the changes, actual labor and post delivery. I want you to REMEMBER how beautiful the two of you looked as brand new parents. I want you to REMEMBER how it felt to look at your brand new baby and to DETAIL how fresh and new they looked just coming into the world. There’s nothing like it.

Do I need permission from the hospital?
In almost all cases your photographer will be treated as just a visitor so it’s generally okay.

Can I book a Fresh 48 and Newborn session?
Yes, please! They are perfect compliments to each other and one is no substitute to the other.  In fact, if you schedule a newborn session along with your Fresh 48 session, you will receive a 20% bundled discount!


Do you do actual time of birth photos or just after?
Just after! Birth photography is amazing, but currently my schedule does not allow for me to accept birth sessions.

How long will you be there?
Approximately 1 hour.

When do you think is the best time for photographs?
I suggest trying to plan the photo session around baby’s first bath if possible.  Sometimes asking the nurses to hold off on doing your baby’s footprints is a good idea so I can capture that as well.

When should I contact you to come?
I ask that you contact me (or that someone does) after you go into labor or as soon as baby is born so we can ensure availability for the suggested time-frame.

What if labor takes longer than expected? 
No worries at all! Just let me know when your little peanut arrives and we can schedule from there – regardless of labor length.

What if my baby needs to be in the NICU?
In this event we will stay in touch and it is handled on a case-by-case basis. We may need to work with hospital staff to find out what we are and aren’t able to do. In the event that I am unable to photograph the Fresh 48 as planned due to these circumstances your paid retainer will be applied to a future session.


Anything special (regarding the photos) I would need to bring with to the hospital?
Babies look great in just a diaper or a white onesie. Pack an extra shirt for dad just in case (grey, white, black or neutrals look best) and if you’d like basic makeup. You certainly don’t need to wear makeup for the session but some moms like to freshen up a little.

What if I deliver early?
I try to be on-call and available to you for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your estimated due date. If you deliver earlier than that time-frame I will make every effort to still be available to you.

What is your cancellation policy?
A $150 retainer is required to hold your spot, and if you cancel, this is non-refundable.

If you can’t make it due to strange timing or an unexpected emergency medical problem, will I get a refund?
Absolutely! A full refund of your retainer will be given in this situation or applied towards a different session type if you choose.

Will hospital staff be in the pictures?
My intention is to photograph immediate family only, so in most cases, no.


Do you have a question that wasn’t answered?  Feel free to contact me!  I look forward to working with you and capturing these precious & fleeting moments as your family grows!

Oliver | Fresh 48 Session

I am so overjoyed that I was able to capture these first precious hours for this family.  Baby Oliver was just a mere 48 hours old and already had his parents wrapped around his tiny but perfect little fingers.   With his soft dark hair to his adorable little toes, this little guy could sure melt any heart.  Enjoy a few of my black and white favorites from this Fresh 48 session.

Miss Q – 3 weeks New | Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

Meet Miss Q! She was one of the oldest newborns I’ve ever photographed and I went into this styled session not knowing how she would do with the posing.  She totally surprised me though and was an absolute rockstar.  Even towards the end, when I thought she’d wake during an outfit change, she still stayed sleepy and content.  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos of this sweet and precious baby girl.

Baby G – 10 Days New | Twin Cities Newborn Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome little fella when he was only 10 days new.  His parents simply adore him; but who wouldn’t with those preciously perfect features and super sweet snuggles.  Baby G was very sleepy during his session and we got some really great photos.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from this lovely newborn session.

Baby E – 4 Days New | Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

Meet Baby E!  4 days new and such a handsome little guy with perfect little features.  He may have decided to come a few weeks early but his family didn’t mind!  They enjoyed giving him sweet snuggles during his newborn session. Enjoy a few of my favorite photos of this rockstar baby!

How to prepare siblings for newborn photos

Family photos are such a beautiful way to document milestones and a new baby is a big one! However, with all the attention on the baby it can be challenging for some older siblings. Often it can be chaotic when a new baby comes home – new routine, responsibilities and dynamic for all family members. Remember that a photo shoot is a new experience, too, and it’s a good idea to prepare yourselves just like you had to prepare before the newest bundle entered your family’s life. To make your newborn family session run smoothly, I’ve decided to share some tips, strategies and advice for how to prepare older siblings for a newborn session.

Tell me about your family:
With all the focus on the new baby, some older siblings feel left out while others embrace their new role with authority and pride. It is a great idea to let me know a bit about your family and child(ren) prior to our session. (An informed photographer is a happy photographer). You’ll want to tell me about the family dynamics and about your children’s personalities aside from just colors and props. I will want to know how they are dealing with their new family member, a bit about their temperament and even their favorite color, activity, game or program.

Make it about them too, not just the baby:
I like to talk to the siblings before I even get my hands on the baby, that way they feel like the session is about them too and not just their new family addition. I like to chat them up, talk to them about how the session is going to work and find our common ground. Eventually I will ask them if they’d like to introduce me to their new baby brother or sister. Sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t and that’s okay – children are unpredictable and if you are a parent I don’t need to tell you twice!

I always like to capture images with siblings first because then it’s about the siblings right away and their patience hasn’t been worn too thin. It’s also important to make them feel involved. I will ask their opinion and advice throughout the shoot such as “Which hat do you think will look best on ___?” or “What do you think the baby is crying about?” As a mother of four, I’ve learned that it is invaluable for cooperation if children feel like they are involved, that their opinion matters, and that they are cared for.

Practice makes perfect:

Try a mock shoot prior to your newborn session or have your family practice posing. Ask your child(ren) to lay next to the baby on the bed, lean in to kiss the baby or have older siblings practice holding their new brother or sister so that they are comfortable and confident. Not only does this encourage your child’s competence with the baby, it gets them ready to be in front of the camera (if they’re not already).

Plan ahead:
Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (also depending on which type of session you have booked) and patience is not always part of the package with toddlers or even five year olds. Therefore, I always  suggest planning an activity or have another family member available for the older siblings after their portion of the session is complete.

Planning ahead may also include a reward. This is completely up to the parents but sometimes it is helpful to have a little incentive for the siblings. You know your child best so deciding on what that may be is up to you but a little ice cream, game or other small token of fun can do the trick to secure some good family photos.

Go with the flow:
From crying hungry newborns to impatient toddlers it is easy to get frustrated or apologetic. Don’t! I (and all newborn photographers) know all too well that newborn sessions are dictated by the newborns and their siblings. This is okay. Remember to breathe and try to laugh and remind your family to do the same.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I can’t wait to meet your little ones for their newborn shoot!

In-home Newborn Sessions | Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

DSC_4660.jpgWhat’s so great about in-home newborn photography sessions you ask?  As a mother of four, I can tell you that trying to get out of the house during those first few days is TOUGH! That’s why I make it easy for my clients and travel to you!  I want you to spend more time snuggling that precious little bundle rather than having to spend hours trying to pack up and drive somewhere.  With my in-home newborn photography sessions, you don’t need to do a thing other than make sure baby is nice and tired when I get there!  A feeding and good burping right before tends to do the trick.

Worried because your house is a mess?  Don’t be!  You just had a baby and some clutter is definitely expected.  Rest assured that right outside the frame of many of my beautiful photos is a pile of laundry that didn’t get put away, or some toys strewn about.  There is no need to tidy up as I don’t need much space and can shoot around any problem areas. All I need is some natural light, so by a large window or sliding glass door is perfect!
Do you have other children that you would like to be a part of the session?  No problem! Little ones tend to feel more comfortable in their familiar surroundings and will usually perform better for photos in their own home rather than an unfamiliar studio.  Whether it’s snuggling their little sibling on the bed or holding them next to mom and dad, I will make sure to get some precious first photos of your child and the new baby that you will treasure forever!  Interested in hearing more? Contact me today and I’ll send you my welcome guide!


Miss A – 9 days new| Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

Meet Miss A!  She was a rockstar for her newborn session at just 9 days new!  I was so excited to finally meet her after doing mom’s maternity photos a few months ago.  Super sweet and oh so adorable, this little girl is surely loved more than she’ll ever know.  Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from her session!

Now booking 2018 newborns

newborn.pngAre you expecting a new baby this year? I’m now booking 2018 newborn sessions, and it would be an honor to capture the first images of your precious bundle! There’s nothing like that brand-new soft skin, those teeny fingers and toes, and that fuzzy fresh hair. You’ll want to remember every detail because, as all parents say, they grow up so fast!

Each newborn session that I capture is unique — no two are ever alike.  The best part is that all of the images are captured in the comfort of your own home!  All you need to do is have baby nice and sleepy when I arrive 🙂

Photographing newborns takes a special skill and patience. I promise you the very best customer service, creativity, and an overall great experience. My newborn session prices include the time and talent to capture, carefully select, and fully edit a minimum of 25 final images.

My schedule does usually fill a few months in advance, and it’s best to capture newborns within the first 7-10 days after birth, so please contact me at your earliest convenience.

I’m so excited to meet you and your new addition!! <3