Not sure what to wear?

Deciding what to wear for photos can seem overwhelming.  Here are a few tips that hopefully can help!

When deciding what to wear, especially with a group of people (such as families or couples) it is helpful to stick to the same families of colors to have a cohesive look across the photo.  For example, browns and creams go well with warm colors and grays and blacks go well with cool colors.  Jeans match everything.

Some examples of coordinating color choices:


Try to coordinate around a general color scheme, then mix and match different types of fabrics, prints, patterns, solids, and accents.  I recommend sticking with the same family of colors (warms or cools) or choose three different colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

A few more ideas:


Most importantly, wear something you can have fun in!  You aren’t going to have fun if you don’t feel like yourself.  Wear something that makes you feel good and what makes you feel confident.  Something that will make you want to keep looking at your photos for years to come.